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Powerful Editorial



Select Publications

We'll identify the publications that best fit your business from our portfolio of existing connections and possible new partners in your industry, and choose the right ones together.


Magazine-Level Content

Once we reach an agreement, our writers will get to work on a high-quality article to submit to the publication's editorial process. Links to your own pages will be included organically.


Outreach & Pitch

We'll study your industry and come up with ideas for featured content. Then we'll reach out to your chosen publications and pitch them until their editorial team green-lights one.


Tracking & Reporting

You can track the process from your dashboard, complete with metrics to evaluate the results after publication. White-label reports are included if you have your own clients.

Skyrocket your authority

Choose your sites and get featured today.


Yes, you can, but sometimes we might have to change the URL and/or anchor text as the site it gets posted on might not accept certain links (like Homepage link) and anchor texts.

It takes anywhere between 1 to 2 months. But it does depend on the site you choose. Some sites might take less time, and some might take more than 2 months as well.

We only work with upfront payments, especially for Premium Editorial links. Be rest assured that you will receive what you’ve paid for. And if you are not satisfied with the delivery, your payment will be returned in full.

Most of the Premium Editorial articles are around 600 words. However, there are some sites which allow more than 600-800 words per article. It all depends on the sites and the editors. We can also try and get you a lengthier article if you choose at a very minimal additional cost.

Only 1 link per article is allowed. But to make the post look natural and non-promotional we must add a couple of high authority noncompeting links to the post.

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