We help you reverse Google penalties, get a breakthrough from stagnant results, all while balancing backlink profiling. Juxt DETOX's Google penalty removal service can get you back to the top of the search engine results with no tricks, games, or black hat SEO methods. Save those excoriating hours of working on automatic and manual backlink removals - allowing you to focus on just running your business smoothly. Juxt Detox handles the entire process for you, from A to Zee!

Google Penalty Recovery Experts

We filter and devalue low quality or manipulative links which influence rankings directly. We judge a link based on internal metrics to give you freedom from infamous penguin penalty or manual penalties from Google, such as Panda, Penguin, Manual actions, Malware). In the end, we devise options based on the depth of your problem(s).


Human-Level Link Removal Investigation

Our backlink removal specialists manually reach out to the priority threats in order to identify what needs to be removed. No automation method or software can compete with the human investigation to remove unwanted links and posts. As the frontrunners of online digital investigation of link removal campaigns, we have 100% success rate.

Complete Reversal of Penalties

Low-quality links such as, spammy content, advertorials, having links that are unrelated to your niche or websites with duplicate content can get your site penalized. Juxt DETOX makes use of your past SEO mistakes, whether it is faulty rankings or whether you are under penalty, to reverse the penalty. Also, disavowing the ones that we cannot delete.

How It Works ?
You contact us.

We then work on importing your links, sorting out the quality of your links and working on automatic or manual backlink removals.

We do a detailed analysis.

We remove the unnatural manual penalty from Google by referring your links against the links in our database.

We do a thorough detox.

We create customized link removal campaign especially for you. We also deploy a variety of third-party contact finding tools and automatic follow-up at no additional costs.

100% campaign reporting.

By handing you over the complete report of documented link removal process, we give you through cleanup.

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